Snapchat Mastery

Sales Secrets & Growth Hacks Revealed | taught by Austin Iuliano

What If You Had Access to the HOTTEST Selling Platform on the Internet for Products and Services Without Doing Any Paid Ads?

If You're Looking for a Snapchat Shortcut, This IS NOT It... But

IF You Want to Work Hard and Get Far BETTER RESULTS

Than You Have Now, Watch Every Minute of This Video...

Hi, my name is AUSTIN, and I've been using this special distribution network to get my brand out there to people who didn't know who I was at first,

and I've done it without any...

... Corporate Capital Backing

... Paid Advertising

... Spending Hours Upon Hours of Networking

... Being Stuck in a Long Sales Process

And while myself and a lot of my community are getting great results with this distribution network, there are a lot of pitfalls when you start out trying to sell your products and services on there.

The Cool thing is YOU CAN SELL YOUR PRODUCTS AND SERVICES on SNAPCHAT— WITHOUT being sales-ey or annoying.

The bad thing is that a lot of people START OFF WITH THESE BAD HABITS and they kind of shoot themselves in the foot.

Here are the 6 BAD HABITS that are stopping you from gaining access to this distribution network—preventing your from ACCESSING the full capacity and influence for your brand.

#1 You have NO Strategy

You're shooting blind in the dark HOPING for results. That never worked for anyone.

#2 You're Boring

You live an average life, and report on average things, and you have little to no views.Gaining attention requires a level of excellence, and creating content that others HAVE TO HAVE!

#3 You Don't Have a Growth Strategy

You can't just post and *HOPE*. You have to make such great content that people share you and have a strategy for distribution to find the right people in your audience.

#4 You Don't Know How to Use all The Tools to Your Advantage

Simply, you just point and snap. You're missing all the tools, tricks, filters and lenses that make your story incredibly irresistible to watch.

#5 You're Focusing on the WRONG Metrics

You're looking for straight numbers, and not investing in the relationships for people to know, like and trust you.

#6 You're NOT INVESTING in Yourself and Your Snapchat Stories

Your Snapchat Stories have to be so AMAZING that people share it, and come back day after day for more. This requires different investments—time, money, creation and more.

While you may have written Snapchat off as a "teenager's fun tool"—

We're actually seeing tons of AMAZING results for using it as an incredible distribution platform for business and personal branding.

::: Here are just some of the results students are achieving after taking Snapchat Mastery :::

• Going from 10 views to 100 views, to 200+ views in a month

• Gaining momentum through a plateau growing past 500, and then 1000 views

• Fully understanding and feeling confident with the interface

• Confidently creating a personal brand on Snapchat and a mini-brand strategy

• Developing a growth strategy to continue growing viewer counts by the hundred(s) every month

• Creating meaningful relationships with a community, and making sales on products and consulting!

• Confidently creating entertaining and fun stories and snaps that make sense for their audience (using and understanding how to tell a story, how to keep attention, using key film-industry tips to connect with your audience quickly)

• Climbing their way to "influencer status" in Snapchat

• Saving over 40+ hours of heartache trying to learn the platform

• Making thousands of dollars in profit off of gaining NEW CUSTOMERS for their business from Snapchat

And, we've put all of these secrets and tips into this new course.

Before I tell you what's in the course, let me tell you,

WHY I am qualified to teach you this...

After growing my audience past 4 digit views, and making thousands of dollars in sales directly from Snapchat, I knew I accessed an un-tapped WELL OF ATTENTION, subscribers and POTENTIAL CLIENTS.

I've been featured as an authority for Snapchat on the Huffington Post, Small Business Trends, SEM Rush and Social Media Today and more.

I've worked with small businesses, to well known start ups and Fortune 500s, and know what it takes to grow an audience from scratch, engage the audience and make sales on social media.

Let's connect on Snapchat, you can add me using the QR Snap-code below.

::: Snapchat Mastery: Grow an Active Snapchat Following :::

Do you have a plan for Snapchat? Do you know exactly what you need to do every single day to be successful? Do you know how to measure whether the shit you do is ACTUALLY working!?

The Snapchat Mastery course is your step by step guide to mastering Snapchat.

This course is scalable for Snapchatters with followings of 0 to 2000+ followers.

Yes... I said MASTERY. Not the "best beginner course." Although it's totally fantastic for beginners too.

With over 13 hours of video tutorial content and worksheets galore— you'll have all the tools, tactics, strategies and know-how to achieve your goals and build a big-ole' Snapchat following.

I Want Access to Thousands of RAVING Fans & New Customers Without Paying for Advertising

Ignite your inner Snapchat sales & business guru and enroll today...

::: What you can expect to learn and discover by enrolling in Snapchat Mastery... :::

• Why Snapchat is the platform you want to invest your resources in as a personal brand or business owner

• How to build your UNIQUE authentic personal brand and influence in Snapchat

• Discover the 6 Secrets to creating content that keeps your viewers addicted to your Snaps and always looking for your new stories.

• Learn all the storytelling HACKS, tips and tricks to keep your Snapchat on fleek.

• The 8 Fatal Mistakes you may be making that Destroys influence, progress and growth in Snapchat

• How to use the limitations of Snapchat into your competitive advantage (these are the things most people don't like about Snapchat)

• Growth hack the S&$# out of your account to get to 3, and then 4+ digits on your story views

• Discover all the secret functions and hidden features in Snachat including how to film hands-free (and a ton more!)

• Discover the 3 Concrete Methods that will prepare you to become a Snapchat influencer

• Dead easy tips and tricks to accelerate your community building and invest in your fans so they spread your snapcode like wildfire!

• And so much more!

::: Tips, Hacks and Tricks You'll & Master in the Course :::

• The #1 strategy to growing your Snapchat audience from the ground up, from scratch and without a huge following in another social media platform

• How to use the Snapchat interface with all the hidden features the pro's use

• 4 Killer tips and tricks to explode your following... and fast!

• Attract your PERFECT target audience on Snapchat without effort

• How to use your unique personality and your experiences to your advantage

• Discover how to refine your message and build up confidence to snap often,

gaining popularity and relevance for your audience

• And much, much more

::: Snapchat Mastery is Right for You IF... :::

• Plainly... you have no idea if you're "doing Snapchat right"

ie. You're NOT getting tons of adds every day, loads of compliments, your viewer count is stagnant and your content sucks

• You don't know how to Storytell. Taking at your audience is NOT storytelling. You may as well use Snapchat as a mirror. Random snaps throughout the day isn't storytelling either.

• You have under 1,000 views per story

• You've hit a plateau in your viewer count, you're trying EVERYTHING but you can't seem to get more views

• You're using Snapchat to Connect with Friends, but haven't Figured out how to FIND NEW CUSTOMERS on the distribution platform

• You're not making Sales or Profiting from Snapchat, AND you run a business

• You don't have people CONSTANTLY reaching out to you saying how they LOVE your snaps!

Getting little love-letters all day is a marker that you may be doing things "right."

• You're looking to scale your Snapchat game to the NEXT LEVEL, so you can actually make $$$$$ from Snapchat and live life on YOUR TERMS.

• Looking to become one of the TOP RESOURCES in your niche, so that opportunities and clients SEEK YOU OUT!

Understand the Secrets on how to STORYTELL to STORY-SELL (if you don't know how to storytell, you are selling like a sleazy salesman)

• You desire to bring MORE VALUE to your viewers (and by this, I mean a METRIC S&#* ton of value-- just because you say you "bring value" doesn't mean you do... no mouth flappers here.)

"Right for me" is an Understatement. Sign Me Up Already!

Pssst... Here's a mini preview of the course interface...

What's inside the course?

4+ Hours of Video Tutorials Walking You Step-by-Step in Snapchat

• 13+ Hours of Total Video Content with Tutorials and Interviews!

Downloadable workbooks, checklists, and handouts

• BONUS! Interviews with Influencers & Snapchatters like Harris Markowitz, Taylor Nikolai, Brian Fanzo, Justin Wu, Sarah Peretz and Emelina Spinelli

• Our Guarantee: Give it the "good old college try." If you love it... keep it! If you don't we have a 90-day money-back-guarantee!

Pssst... Here's a mini preview of some of these Mastery Worksheets that you'll get when you sign up...

::: What's Inside!? Take a peek at the 9 Jam-Packed Modules :::

to Master Your Snapchat

• Module No. 1 :: Welcome to Snapchat Mastery: Your New Competitive Advantage

• Module No. 2 :: 11 Ways to Master the Snapchat Interface

• Module No. 3 :: 3 HACKS to Prepare Yourself to Be a Snapchat Influencer

• Module No. 4 :: 6 Secrets to creating content that keeps your viewers addicted to your Snaps

• Module No. 5 :: Growth Hack the S*#$ Out of Your Account: Get Your first 100-1000 views

• Module No. 6 :: How to Build Influence & Use Snapchat as Your Primary Marketing

• Module No. 8 :: 12 SECRET Snapchat Hacks (that the Pros use!)

• Module No. 9 :: Developing a Habit of Excellence: Daily Snapchat Routines

::: You'll Receive These 8 BONUSES Just for Enrolling! :::

BONUS: Directory of Storytelling Examples

• BONUS: 2 Snapchat Mastery Episodes with Guests Blake Croft and Shaun Ayala

• BONUS: Interview with Snapchat Influencer Harris Markowitz

• BONUS: Snapchat Community Building and FOMO Marketing

Interview with Influencer Brian Fanzo

• BONUS: **COMING SOON** Interview with Snapchat Influencer Taylor Nikolai

• BONUS: **COMING SOON** Interview with Snapchat Influencer Justin Wu: Hackapreneur

(On How to Treat Your Snapchat Like a Business, and Growth Hack Your Following into the Thousands to Make Sales & Close Deals)

• BONUS: **COMING SOON** Interview with Snapchat Influencer Sara Peretz

(On How to Work With Brands and Know What They're Looking For to Get PAID Collaborations)

• BONUS: **COMING SOON** Interview with Instagram Influencer Emelina Spinelli

(On Using Instagram to Growth Hack Your Snapchat Following)

Wow this course looks INCREDIBLE!

Well, that's cuz it is! #Humblebrag Get Your brand noticed & attract new clients, sign up already!

::: Give it the Good Old "College Try" :::

There's no risk with our 90-day money-back guarantee.

No Risk, All Reward!? I'm in for sure!

Become a Snapchat Master.

Yes! Let's crush this b****! Sign me up Already!


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Q: When will I receive the course?

A: After you order the course, you'll receive instant access to stream our videos, downloads and EXCLUSIVE content.

Q: What will I receive when I buy the e-course?

A: You will receive access to streaming 4+ hours of video tutorials, 13+ hours of video learning content and 95 bite-sized lessons to master Snapchat. There are accompanying downloadable workbooks and ebooks. There's also 4+ hours of AH-MA-ZING Bonus video content with Snapchat influencers.

Q: If I do all the work, and I find that the course didn't help me, what happens?

A: We doubt you'll be bummed about this purchase. However, if it's the case send our support team an email within 90 days of receipt and we'll promptly refund your money. You can email them at SUPPORT@DSCIENCE.CO

Q: Couldn't I go to Youtube or Google for this information?

A: You may be thinking... "but Austin, couldn't I just look this up on Youtube!? You could look up the interface. The thing is, I've included all the tactics, tips and tricks that the top Snapchat influencers are using... that you can't find on Youtube.

Plus there are loads of bonus hours of interviews with influencers. Can't beat that amazing content!

Q: I have been using Snapchat a while now, is there enough content to warrant a purchase? Will I learn something new?

A: Absolutely, there is so much content around how to be an effective storyteller, community building, growth hacking and more that you're bound to get some serious knowledge bombs! I give my personal guarantee you will come away with more than a few big Ah-HA moments!

It's Time to Get Your Brand and Name in Front of More People Without Painstakingly Learning Facebook Ads—

Master Snapchat and Make More Sales...

Austin Iuliano
Austin Iuliano
Grand Master of Business Magic

Your Host Austin Iuliano is a frequent Snapchatter and a co-founder of (an epic entrepreneurship and marketing blog!) Austin is an extroverted storyteller that believes in empowering millennial entrepreneurs to take action and build their brands. He offers practical knowledge devised from experience in an easy to understand format, that inspires and motivates others to take action.

Austin's humor and geeky references allows complex concepts to be engaging and fun while teaching necessary core concepts. Austin believes that everyone has the potential to do big things, and with the right information and motivation they can change the world.

info [at]

If you're looking for support, please email: SUPPORT@DSCIENCE.CO

Course Curriculum

Welcome to Snapchat Mastery: Your New Competitive Advantage
Welcome to Snapchat Mastery FREE
What's With the Little Ghost!? FREE
Why You're Gonna LOVE Snapchat FREE
Why Most People Hate Snapchat... and Why It's Your New Competitive Advantage FREE
Add a Friend, and Receive Constant Daily Tips & Resources FREE
BONUS: 6 Reasons You are NOT gaining Traction in Snapchat FREE
Welcome to Snapchat Mastery // Mastery Notes FREE
Bonus: The ONLY Strategy you need in Snapchat FREE
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11 Ways to Master the Snapchat Interface
Welcome to Mastering the Snapchat Interface... Once and For All!
Master the Snapchat Interface Part 1
Master the Snapchat Interface Part 2
Master the Snapchat Interface Part 3
Master the Snapchat Interface Part 4
Master the Snapchat Interface Part 5
Master the Snapchat Interface Part 6
Master the Snapchat Interface Part 7
Master the Snapchat Interface Part 8
Master the Snapchat Interface Part 9
Master the Snapchat Interface Part 10
Master the Snapchat Interface Part 11
Mastering the Snapchat Interface // Mastery Notes
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3 HACKS to Prepare Yourself to Be a Snapchat Influencer
Prepare Yourself for Influencership
Preparing Yourself to be a Snapchat Influencer: The Strategy
Where Your Passion and Experience Meets Your Audience Desires
Stand on the Shoulders of Giants, Be Inspired and Add Your Original Voice
Snapchat Strategies for Success // Mastery Notes
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6 Secrets to creating content that keeps your viewers addicted to your Snaps
Creating Addictive Content... the Strategy
Elevate Your Game with this Theme
Adding Depth to Your Snaps
The Unspoken Rules
Aligning Yourself to Have More Viral Content
The Snapchat Snaps Formula
A Content Strategy Formula
4 Types of Snapchat Strategies for Storytelling
Create a HUGE Community of FANS that Love You and Share Your Message
Snapchat Stories
Storytelling with Snapchat // Mastery Notes
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Growth Hack the S*#$ Out of Your Account: Get Your first 100-1000 views
Growth Hack the S*#$ Out of Your Account Strategy
Get Your First 100, 500 and 1,000 Followers
How to Attract Your Next 100-1,000 Followers
How to Get Discovered on Snapchat
Snapchat Strategy for Sustainable Growth
Grow Your Snapchat Account Through Using this App
Expect the Unexpected Success: How to Grow Your Account in Unexpected Ways
How to 10X Your Growth Rate // Mastery Notes
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How to Build Influence & Use Snapchat as Your Primary Marketing Tool
Snapchat as Your Primary Marketing Tool: A Strategy
Becoming a Go To Resource and Connecting People Together
Getting in the Minds of Your Audience
How to Create Dynamic Engagement on Snapchat
How to Leverage Your Relationships to Gain Influencer Status
The Key to Attracting Your Perfect Audience
How to Build Your Personal Brand in Snapchat
Get 80% More Engagement with This Idea
Building Influence & Community in Snapchat // Mastery Notes
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Snapchat Marketing and Sales Process
Explode Your Business with Snapchat Marketing
Your New Tested Sales Process for Snapchat
Secrets to Growing Your B2B Business with Snapchcat
Secrets for Growing Your B2C Business with Snapchat
Using Snapchat as Your Secret Weapon for Building a Personal Brand (Hacks, Tips & Tricks!)
Show Content
11 SECRET Snapchat Hacks (that the Pros use!)
11 Secret Snapchat Hacks Strategy
Secret Snapchat Hacks to Level Up Your Game
Secret to Filming Hands Free (pt 1)
Secret to Filming Hands Free (pt 2)
How to Make Badass Snaps with this One Trick
The Secret to Snapping Like a Pro
Unlock Secret Visual Elements for Dynamic Snapping
Secrets to Adding More Umpf to Your Snaps
It's Your Birthday!? Well then, do this...
Do This One Thing to Customize Your Snaps
Bringing More of YOUR BRAND to Snapping
Branding and Advertising, Gone Snaptastic!
Snapchat Secrets & Hacks // Mastery Notes
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Developing a Habit of Excellence: Daily Snapchat Routines
Behind the Scenes: Daily Snapchat Management Part 1
Behind the Scenes: How to Have a Fully Engaged Community
30 Days of Snapchat: a Checklist // Mastery Notes
What Content Does well on Snapchat?
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Austin's Personal Snap Directory of Epic Storytelling Examples
Snap Directory Examples
A Day in the Life with Austin: Lifestyle Snapping
I Will Walk 500 Miles: How to Use Music to Storytell
10 Ways to Use Snapchat
Motivational Monday with Austin
Throwback Thursdays
Giving Back to Your Community: Follower Friday
Snapchat Takeover (Austin's Takeover)
Snapchat Takeover (Blake's Takeover)
Community Building Message: Thanking People
Community Building Message: Welcome to My Community!
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BONUS! Snapchat Mastery Podcast Episodes to Crush Your Snapchat Marketing!
Snapchat Mastery: How to Build a Rocking Community with the Ghost
Snapchat Mastery: How to Create Epic Stories
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BONUS! Snapchat Interview with TOP Entrepreneur Influencer JUSTIN WU (Hackapreneur)
How to Build Your Business through Snapchat with Justin Wu - Hackapreneur
SNAP Just Wu! Grab the Snapcode!
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BONUS! Snapchat Interview with TOP Influencer SARAH PERETZ
Building Your Brand and Influence with Sarah Peretz
Snap Sarah Peretz - Snapcode!
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BONUS! Snapchat Interview with HARRIS MARKOWITZ (Snapchat of the Year Nominee)
Snapchat Interview with Harris Markowitz
Harris Markowitz Snapcode
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BONUS! Snapchat Interview with Instagram Influencer EMELINA SPINELLI (ECSPINELLI) Instagram HACKS to GROW Your Snapchat
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BONUS! Snapchat & Community Building Interview with BRIAN FANZO (isocialfanz)
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A Big Thank You!
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