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Learn the in's and out's of marketing yourself and your business on Snapchat, Stories and much more. With top Snapchat influencers share the top tactics, tips, tools, and strategies. These tips and strategies can also be applied to Instagram stories as the concepts are universal.

Authors note: Snapchat and all social media always update their interface on a regular basis. At times the content can be out of date but key strategic information is always up to date.

Course curriculum

  • 02
    11 Ways to Master the Snapchat Interface
    Show details
    • Welcome to Mastering the Snapchat Interface... Once and For All!
    • Master the Snapchat Interface Part 1
    • Master the Snapchat Interface Part 2
    • Master the Snapchat Interface Part 3
    • Master the Snapchat Interface Part 4
    • Master the Snapchat Interface Part 5
    • Master the Snapchat Interface Part 6
    • Master the Snapchat Interface Part 7
    • Master the Snapchat Interface Part 8
    • Master the Snapchat Interface Part 9
    • Master the Snapchat Interface Part 10
    • Master the Snapchat Interface Part 11
    • Mastering the Snapchat Interface // Mastery Notes
  • 03
    3 HACKS to Prepare Yourself to Be a Snapchat Influencer
    Show details
    • Prepare Yourself for Influencership
    • Preparing Yourself to be a Snapchat Influencer: The Strategy
    • Where Your Passion and Experience Meets Your Audience Desires
    • Stand on the Shoulders of Giants, Be Inspired and Add Your Original Voice
    • Snapchat Strategies for Success // Mastery Notes
  • 04
    6 Secrets to creating content that keeps your viewers addicted to your Snaps
    Show details
    • Creating Addictive Content... the Strategy
    • Elevate Your Game with this Theme
    • Adding Depth to Your Snaps
    • The Unspoken Rules
    • Aligning Yourself to Have More Viral Content
    • The Snapchat Snaps Formula
    • A Content Strategy Formula
    • 4 Types of Snapchat Strategies for Storytelling
    • Create a HUGE Community of FANS that Love You and Share Your Message
    • Snapchat Stories
    • Storytelling with Snapchat // Mastery Notes
  • 05
    Growth Hack the S*#$ Out of Your Account: Get Your first 100-1000 views
    Show details
    • Growth Hack the S*#$ Out of Your Account Strategy
    • Get Your First 100, 500 and 1,000 Followers
    • How to Attract Your Next 100-1,000 Followers
    • How to Get Discovered on Snapchat
    • Snapchat Strategy for Sustainable Growth
    • Grow Your Snapchat Account Through Using this App
    • Expect the Unexpected Success: How to Grow Your Account in Unexpected Ways
    • How to 10X Your Growth Rate // Mastery Notes
  • 06
    How to Build Influence & Use Snapchat as Your Primary Marketing Tool
    Show details
    • Snapchat as Your Primary Marketing Tool: A Strategy
    • Becoming a Go To Resource and Connecting People Together
    • Getting in the Minds of Your Audience
    • How to Create Dynamic Engagement on Snapchat
    • How to Leverage Your Relationships to Gain Influencer Status
    • The Key to Attracting Your Perfect Audience
    • How to Build Your Personal Brand in Snapchat
    • Get 80% More Engagement with This Idea
    • Building Influence & Community in Snapchat // Mastery Notes
  • 07
    Snapchat Marketing and Sales Process
    Show details
    • Explode Your Business with Snapchat Marketing
    • Your New Tested Sales Process for Snapchat
    • Secrets to Growing Your B2B Business with Snapchcat
    • Secrets for Growing Your B2C Business with Snapchat
    • Using Snapchat as Your Secret Weapon for Building a Personal Brand (Hacks, Tips & Tricks!)
  • 08
    11 SECRET Snapchat Hacks (that the Pros use!)
    Show details
    • 11 Secret Snapchat Hacks Strategy
    • Secret Snapchat Hacks to Level Up Your Game
    • Secret to Filming Hands Free (pt 1)
    • Secret to Filming Hands Free (pt 2)
    • How to Make Badass Snaps with this One Trick
    • The Secret to Snapping Like a Pro
    • Unlock Secret Visual Elements for Dynamic Snapping
    • Secrets to Adding More Umpf to Your Snaps
    • It's Your Birthday!? Well then, do this...
    • Do This One Thing to Customize Your Snaps
    • Bringing More of YOUR BRAND to Snapping
    • Branding and Advertising, Gone Snaptastic!
    • Snapchat Secrets & Hacks // Mastery Notes
  • 09
    Developing a Habit of Excellence: Daily Snapchat Routines
    Show details
    • Behind the Scenes: Daily Snapchat Management Part 1
    • Behind the Scenes: How to Have a Fully Engaged Community
    • 30 Days of Snapchat: a Checklist // Mastery Notes
    • What Content Does well on Snapchat?
  • 10
    Austin's Personal Snap Directory of Epic Storytelling Examples
    Show details
    • Snap Directory Examples
    • A Day in the Life with Austin: Lifestyle Snapping
    • I Will Walk 500 Miles: How to Use Music to Storytell
    • 10 Ways to Use Snapchat
    • Motivational Monday with Austin
    • Throwback Thursdays
    • Giving Back to Your Community: Follower Friday
    • Snapchat Takeover (Austin's Takeover)
    • Snapchat Takeover (Blake's Takeover)
    • Community Building Message: Thanking People
    • Community Building Message: Welcome to My Community!
  • 11
    BONUS! Snapchat Mastery Podcast Episodes to Crush Your Snapchat Marketing!
    Show details
    • Snapchat Mastery: How to Build a Rocking Community with the Ghost
    • Snapchat Mastery: How to Create Epic Stories
  • 12
    BONUS! Snapchat Interview with TOP Entrepreneur Influencer JUSTIN WU (Hackapreneur)
    Show details
    • How to Build Your Business through Snapchat with Justin Wu - Hackapreneur
    • SNAP Just Wu! Grab the Snapcode!
  • 13
    BONUS! Snapchat Interview with TOP Influencer SARAH PERETZ
    Show details
    • Building Your Brand and Influence with Sarah Peretz
    • Snap Sarah Peretz - Snapcode!
  • 14
    BONUS! Snapchat Interview with HARRIS MARKOWITZ (Snapchat of the Year Nominee)
    Show details
    • Snapchat Interview with Harris Markowitz
    • Harris Markowitz Snapcode
  • 15
    BONUS! Snapchat Interview with Instagram Influencer EMELINA SPINELLI (ECSPINELLI) Instagram HACKS to GROW Your Snapchat
    Show details
    • Instagram Hacks to Grow Your Snapchat with Influencer EMELINA SPINELLI (ECSPINELLI)
    • SNAP Emelina! Grab the Snapcode!
  • 16
    BONUS! Snapchat & Community Building Interview with BRIAN FANZO (isocialfanz)
    Show details
    • Snapchat Interview with Brian Fanzo
    • Brian Fanzo Snapcode
  • 17
    Woohoo, You Rock!! A Big Thank You!
    Show details
    • A Big Thank You!
  • 18
    Show details
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