Easy Marketing Templates, One Sheets and Pitch Decks

The Startup Lunchbox: Easy Marketing Templates for Busy People

Easy Marketing Templates for Busy People | With Your Host Emelina Spinelli

Everyone needs marketing… you already know this… mainly because YOU’RE A VERY BUSY PERSON. Yea, we know you like to haul ass, and show off you’re epic accomplishments. It’s chill— here’s a round of applause for ya, cause honestly—kicking ass is no easy task.

But, it can get a lot easier when you’re marketing is simple.

They’re KEYNOTE + POWERPOINT files for your presentations and pitch decks. Yea, we just help you stay fly when you’re in front of clients pitching those HUGGGGGE brand collaborations and bidding to acquire some sweet somethings for work… gotta make them dolla bills, ya know?

But seriously, this pack is full of professionally designed templates to sell your services. The pack is full of— pitch decks, one sheets, press kits and stock photos.

This is for you if you run your own business, or at some point you’ll want to SELL SOMETHING (whatever that may be for your fancy!) and you want to look damn good while you do it.

This is what we do over here at d.science. Besides running around in Unicorn costumes, and having epic battles between gorillas and bananas… we love to provide amazing marketing and business resources to help the busy people—entrepreneurs and other awesome people building their budding brands.

Unicorns don’t lie… and neither do your easy marketing templates.

Whip your next project, idea, or corporate guide into shape with easy keynote and powerpoint templates that you can edit yourself.

All of the designs include the fonts that you’ll need (no searching for random fonts) and they include all of the stock photography so you don’t have to worry about scavenging the internet for free pics (though you are certainly welcome to if that’s your thang).

Okay, we hear you… you may be thinking— Why Templates!?

Well, here's the thing.

Emelina Spinelli has been designing and writing the concepts for corporate pitch decks for the last year. Now, not just any old corporations.

Emelina’s been working with the world’s top companies in making pitches and proposals that stand out—and that earn millions of dollars.

Corporations like 21st Century Fox, Pepsi, Honda, Microsoft, Samsung, Ford, Cadillac, GM and more. She’s been helping all these big wigs win over millions of dollars in partnership deals, and now Emelina wants to spread the love to you.

Simply, she’s rooting for the underdogs, and believes that corporations shouldn’t get ALL the talent and good looking presentations, decks, one sheets and press kits.

All us ass-kickin’ entrepreneurs, influencers, startups, soon-to-be-business-people, and personal brands should get access to professional decks too!

Equality for all!

Well, we may not be able to spread world peace instantly, but we’re certainly turning your marketing around to look super fly—lickety split— Banana split!

Startups and entrepreneurs can get the same resources as these big corporations, but rather than pay Emelina upwards of over $1500 per deck, you’ll pay a freakin’ fraction of that cost and you’ll get an entire bundle—cause that’s how we roll!

The total worth of this crazy bundle!?


Yes— you heard that right. If you brought in Emelina to build each of the elements in this pack for your corporation, it would cost you almost $7,000.

I think it’s about time for you to pull out your lunchbox…

No silly, not the computer—you can’t eat that.

Go ahead and click the big buy button below to get your very own startup lunchbox of marketing resources on the go for under the price of a Benjamin.

Go on, this won’t last forever so get your theoretical apples, gummies and sandwich now. Remember, it's the "Startup Lunchbox"!?

Oh yes, we even cut the crust off for ya! Just like your mom made—that’s what we do over here at d.science.

We make amazing resources, that you’ll love just like a home-made grilled cheese with the crust cut off. Go ahead, take a bite (pssst. we mean put your dollas into this sweet pack and buy it! lol) . ;-)

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Emelina Spinelli
Emelina Spinelli
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Emelina Spinelli has worked with popular startups to world renowned Fortune 100s helping brands build their content and digital marketing strategies. Emelina believes influence can be taught, built rapidly and created to be purposeful, fun and profitable. Find Emelina on social and Instagram @ecspinelli.

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