Instagram Lover's Guide to Hashtags

All Your Hashtags & inspiration in One Easy Place | taught by Emelina Spinelli

The Instagram Lover's Guide to Hashtags

Ebook & Phone Swipe File

"Hashtags are keywords for Instagram. Learn how to leverage these tags to attract over 1,000 followers per month." @ecspinelli


• 60 Pages of Hashtag Action Packed Content

• 200+ Beautiful Photos for Inspiration

• Text SWIPE FILE to Download to your Phone

What You'll Learn in this Ebook...

• How to use hashtags to grow your Instagram account organically

• Understand what hashtags are and how to use them

• Get all the apps that I use to crush it with Hashtags

• Get all the super popular hashtags that are frequented by other Instagram influencers

• How to target specific users that will already be interested in your content

• Get my secret Hashtag Formula for virility

• Understand the styles of photos that go viral and attract loads of followers

• Get pre-grouped hashtags ready to go to copy and paste in your photos to save time

"There's a formula to using hashtags for virility. Learn the epic hashtag formula in this ebook." @ecspinelli

My "You're Gonna Love It" Money Back Guarantee...

I really believe in the Instagram Lover's Guide to Hashtags. The popular tags, inspiration, how-tos and valuable insight will help you grow your Instagram account. If you feel for any reason that it was a bunch of balarkey, I'll refund your money. No questions asked. I just ask that you read through the entire ebook and implement some of the advice to see it work in action :-) Sounds fair right?


Q: When will I receive the ebook download?

A: After you order the ebook, you'll receive instant access to our downloads and content.

Q: What will I receive when I buy the ebook?

A: You will receive a set of downloads. One PDF, interactive 60 page ebook, and one text swipe file.You can complete the workbook at the convenience of sitting in front of your computer and save the documents on your device.

Q: If I read the ebook, implement the ideas and it doesn't work for me what can I do?

A: We doubt you'll be bummed about this purchase. However, if it's the case send our support team an email within 30 days of receipt and we'll promptly refund your money.

Convinced? We thought so.

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Emelina Spinelli
Emelina Spinelli
Instagram Expert

Emelina Spinelli has worked with popular startups to world renowned Fortune 100s helping brands build their content and digital marketing strategies. Emelina believes influence can be taught, built rapidly and created to be purposeful, fun and profitable. Find Emelina on social and Instagram @ecspinelli.

I am a content creator and storyteller that believes in empowering Millennial entrepreneurs to take action, build their brands and live on their own agenda. I offer actionable and tactical advice that inspires and motivates them to build an information-based online biz and start living life on their terms.

After growing my Instagram account from 500 to 5,000 followers in less than three months, I knew I was onto something! Hashtags are an incredible way to gain additional exposure and attract the attention of brands and influencers all around the globe.

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The Instagram Lover's Guide to Hashtags Ebook
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