branding blueprint

The Branding Blueprint

A Step-By-Step Formula to Build Your Brand Strategy | With Your Host Emelina Spinelli

Are you an entrepreneur building a new brand?

Do you need to Rebrand?

Do you feel like branding is just an abstract thing—and thinking about it makes you want to curl up into a ball and say—"I'll do it LATER!"!?

You know it's what separates small, mediocre brands from THE GREATS. Maybe you've even read Marty Neimier's Brand Gap... but you're STILL not putting the pieces together.

You want to brand yourself, but everyone you go to says it's design, a logo, or publicity and you're still not putting it together. "It should be easy" you think. And it shouldn't cost $5k-$10K in "branding packages" to get what I need done!

I'm just building a sweet brand, yo!

Are you...

• Frustrated & embarrassed by your brand?

• Feeling like your current brand doesn't represent who you really are?

Having trouble making clear, concise business decisions around values?

• Having trouble establishing yourself as an expert in your market?

You know that what you do is amazing, but you can't seem to communicate the real value that you provide?

• You don't know what direction to go in visually for your brand, and how to best represent yourself?

Well, then you're in luck.

Creating a brand strategy, can alleviate all these problems, give you clear direction in your business and help you establish yourself as a go-to expert.

Hi, My name is Emelina, and I help create personal brands through social media.

I help position people in a way that attracts their perfect clients, attracts collaborations with BIG brands, attracts incredible partnerships with like-minded souls, and attracts media opportunities.

Yep. And I do all this—through branding (and some serious social media hustle).

I've been consulting businesses for years on building their brand strategies, and after working with Fortune 500s, I can tell you that branding is the essential ingredient to successful businesses (aside from revenue!).

I worked in Branded partnerships, where I made sure that brands were being well-represented and their values were being communicated clearly in every marketing endeavor, social media post and partnership.

I've worked with Amazon, Microsoft, Honda, Fox, Pepsi, Samsung, Coke, Warner Brothers, and more. These brands pay thousands and thousands of dollars to build their branding, and create real strategies that they implement at every step of the corporation.

Even at the small business level, it's common to pay $5,000-$10,000 for a brand intensive where the end result deliverable is a brand template.

I set out to create this course because I wanted to make branding understandable, easy and accessible for entrepreneurs, small business owners and personal brands.

If you could build your very own brand strategy template in a day or two—WITHOUT the $5k-$10k price tag... wouldn't you!?

This course isn't even a fraction of that cost. Heck, I could charge over $500 and this would still be crazy valuable. This course covers all the same branding elements that the big brands use (like Pepsi, Coke and Samsung).

I've taken my experience working with small businesses, start ups and Fortune 100s and created a branding course that would get you the same results as going through a 1-2 day (costly) brand intensive—but for under a 10th of what an in-person intensive would cost.

Here's just a few of the benefits that you can receive as a result of creating your very own brand strategy and template:

• A deep understanding of the value you bring to the market, and what it's worth

• Know EXACTLY what your logo can represent, and receive the guidelines to get it done

• Discover what imagery will create the PERFECT identity for your brand that will attract your "pinch-me-perfect" clients

• Discover how to incorporate your core values into every fiber of your business, and experience what it's like to attract raving fans and clients as a result!

• Find the magical place in the market that hasn't been touched, that you can jump in, to become a thought leader

• Get a DEEP understanding of your strengths and how to position yourself in a place where you were BORN TO SUCCEED

• And so much more!

Now, you may be thinking... WHY do I even need a brand strategy!?

Well, let me get right into it, love!

Here's a little of what happens when YOU'RE NOT CLEAR ON YOUR BRANDING & what you represent:

• You get a mix-match of clients, none of which you actually like... in fact they're all "problem clients" and you would rather get a colonoscopy from Wolverine than sit through another coaching session...

• You're clients aren't "like you," they don't "get you" and you feel like you're hitting a big, fat brick wall whenever you try to give them creative strategies, tips or help them in their business or personal life

• You keep getting taken advantage of in partnerships, and you don't know how you keep attracting takers (another symptom of not being clear with your brand and your values)

• You aren't LOVING and having fun in your business

• Your website looks like an archaic dinosaur—and though most people love the idea of dinosaurs, and exploration—it's not doing good things for your business... in fact it's making you LOOK untrustworthy

• You don't know what opportunities are best for you, so you try to do EVERYTHING, and fail at all of it

• Eek, do I have to keep going? Not having a solid brand sucks... it's definitely not fun. Let's fix that shall we!?

You get the point... you MUST MAKE YOU BRAND SING!

Well, let's be honest, you're reading this, and you're on the page because you knew that you needed to tighten your branding anyway. I'm just tellin' it how it is ;-)


This course takes you through deep discovery to build your brand template. This template serves as your guide on how you do business, represent your brand, helps you make decisions around values, position yourself as a leader and create a "company culture."

You attract the right clients, the right partnerships, opportunities, media and even employees—all because you got REALLY CLEAR on your value, what you're great at and why people should work with you...

... this all comes from Branding.

Here's just A LITTLE of what's in this course...


Discovering & Creating Your Brand Identity (Personality, Strengths, Values, Essence)


Building a Brand Vision that Creates Your Future & Rallies Your Tribe Behind You


Creating Brand & Thought Leadership to Stand Out


Investing in & Creating Brand Relationships Around Support, Networking & Community


Creating Your Picture Perfect Brand Expression (Imagery, Logos, Website, Content, Copy)


Building Trust Around Your Brand and Relationships (expectations, execution, credibility, publicity)


Creating an Experience Your Customers LOVE and Have to Have (community, products, value & loyalty)


Building Your Official Brand Strategy, a Blueprint for Your Brand

What is the course?

This ISN'T a video course (yet!).

The course is comprised over over 12 substantial interactive workbooks that ask you deep, thought provoking questions (similar to all the ones I would ask you in person if we were to do a brand intensive!).

Here's what you'll receive:

• Access to 12+ interactive PDF workbooks to use on your computer or your phone (or you can print out and do them by hand too!)

• Bonus PDF interactive workbooks

• Over 300+ pages of interactive content to guide you through building your brand


We've included some bonus modules for ya to get even more out of this course, and build your brand.

The bonuses include:

• A goal setting and tracking module

• A brand affirmations module

• A module on building your very own rallying-manifesto

• A module to keep track of your testimonials

Isn't it YOUR TIME to make your dreams happen? Create the brand that represents who you really are, and helps you change the world, one client at a time.

Here's the link. If you've made it this far—pick it up, love! You won't regret it!

Emelina Spinelli
Emelina Spinelli
Instagram Expert

Emelina Spinelli has worked with popular startups to world renowned Fortune 100s helping brands build their content and digital marketing strategies. Emelina believes influence can be taught, built rapidly and created to be purposeful, fun and profitable. Find Emelina on social and Instagram @ecspinelli.

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