"> CYBER MONDAY - Build Your Personal Brand with Social Media BUNDLE **worth over $600**

CYBER MONDAY - Build Your Personal Brand with Social Media BUNDLE **worth over $600**

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Over $600 of Resources to Get Your Brand Off the Ground!


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- Get your Brand Strategy on Lock Down with The Branding Blueprint

- Build Your Brand in 30 Days with our Workshop Recording

- Get the Hookup on all the Best Instagram Hashtags

- Conquer Your Social Media Like a Boss with our New Course, Social Media Mastery [NEW!]

- Get 50, Urban-Themed Stock Photos from NYC, LA & SFO [NEW!]

- And, Go Through Your Mental Bootcamp to Create Your Business Success through 2017 with the Inner Entrepreneur's Bootcamp


THE BRANDING BLUEPRINT: [an ebook course] Normally $249

Is a 7-part interactive-ebook course with over 300 pages of activities and exercises for you to deeply discover your authentic brand. You'll identify your values, beliefs, vision, identity systems, partnerships, relationships, thought leadership, logo, brand name, manifesto and more.

BUILD YOUR BRAND IN 30 DAYS: [a video & workbook course] Normally $47

Is a course with 30 actionable tips and tricks to get your brand up and running in less than a month. You'll receive daily action steps, and a 3 hour workshop recording. We cover email marketing, design, social media, lead pages and more in this course!

THE INNER ENTREPRENEUR BOOTCAMP: [an audio course] Normally $14

Is an audiobook by Austin Iuliano. After building several businesses and establishing himself as an expert in social media, Austin realized that success in business was only real once he mastered his mental "inner game" of success. Austin's audiobook will bring you to tears, and you'll laugh out loud while he brings you on the incredible journey from homeless to business success. Your success, is all about how you feel about yourself, and your outlook on life. You're sure to learn a thing or two in Austin's book. Get ready for fast actionable tips, and to be inspired.


Is an ebook by Emelina Spinelli. After growing her Instagram account from 0 to just shy of 14,000 followers, Emelina created an ebook with all the popular hashtags she uses to get ahead, and receive traffic to her Instagram account. There are hundreds of hashtags in the ebook, as well as design and Instagram photo inspiration, and "types of Instagram photos" segmented into easy-to-understand categories with a swipe file to download to your phone. The swipe file has many categories of pre-determined groups of 30 hashtags for you to copy and paste into your Instagram posts.

URBAN VIBES PHOTO PACK, VOL. 1: [a stock-photo resource pack] Normally $47

Is a stock photo resource pack by Emelina Spinelli. After traveling around the USA, and taking thousands of photos along the way, Emelina realized she could share her urban-themed-pics with fellow entrepreneurs. You receive 47 photos from NYC, LA and SFO, to fulfill your inner "urbanite." Use these pics for your new projects, social posts, blog posts and more. This is a new addition to the d.science product line—in fact this is the first launch!

SOCIAL MEDIA MASTERY: [a video course] Normally $249

After building his social media following to well over 30K, Austin finally decided to make his foundational social media course a reality. This is a new addition to the d.science product line—in fact this is the first launch! Social Media Mastery has 25+ videos walking through social media tutorials and answer real-world questions that you have. Austin dives into discovering how to network through social media, get consistent leads in your pipeline, and how to turn your social media efforts into a marketing machine for your business. Austin covers Facebook, groups, live streaming, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram and more. This course is all about growing your social following, and using social media to generate leads and sales for your business.

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CYBER MONDAY - Build Your Personal Brand with Social Media BUNDLE **worth over $600** includes these courses

Build Your Brand in 30 Days
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Inner Entrepreneur Bootcamp
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Instagram Lover's Guide to Hashtags
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Branding Blueprint
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Social Media Mastery
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The Urban Vibes Photo Pack: Volume 1
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